This area is reserved for vendors and service providers to the scout movement. By registering, companies get in contact with hundreds of scout organizations worldwide. Basically, by joining BitKNOT, vendors get visibility and exposure to the global scout community!

Company sign-up to the BitKNOT ecosystem. It is fair that only registered and whitelisted companies get access and contact with the global scout community.

Creation of company crypto wallet. It is necessary for each stakeholder of the BitKNOT ecosystem to have a means of identification for transactions. Thus, no better and easier option than having a whitelisted crypto wallet.

As all transactions in the BitKNOT ecosystem (blockchain) are based on our governing crypto token BKNOT, it is necessary for all companies to accept transactions in BitKNOT crypto currency. Holding some BitKNOTs is of benefit to the holder and to the entire community.

In the BitKNOT marketplace, providers may offer their services and products. As well, on the same place, scout organizations or individuals may inquiry for specific service or products. So, BitKNOT marketplace is the meeting point between the two communities.

Presale Stage 4 ends in: