BitKNOT project/ecosystem was built keeping in mind the digital needs of scout organizations, individuals associated to the movement and supporters. How and why to use BitKNOT ecosystem (platform)?

Membership Fees

Most of the scouts organization rely on their membership fees. By collecting those fees in BitKNOT currency, using a Web3 wallet, funds are being sent or received instantly and transactions are simple and transparent.

Organizational Expenses Management

All financial OPEX transactions can now be done in crypto currency 0-24hrs a day, 7 days per week. There is no lag like it is the case in regular banking processes.

Competition Fees

Late competition fees payment issue? Your team cannot participate to a competition due to late payment? That’s part of history now. With BitKNOT, payments can be done instantly and can be verified immediately. No need for (retro) pen and paper or (complex) internet banking. A Web3 wallet (on your mobile) and enough BitKNOTs on your account and you’re good to go!

BitKNOT Scouts Fund

This BitKNOT fund’s aim is to help scouts organizations grow or to fulfill their financial tasks (projects, donations, education…). Our dream is that one of the next World Scout Jamboree could be financed from this fund only!

Charity and Donations

It is perhaps unknown to the wider audience, but crypto investors as well do donate to charity organizations. Some believe in the cause, some just level their income taxes. By introducing donations campaigns on the blockchain, the scout movement will increase the pool of their donors exponentially!


Keeping fiat currency in a scout organization bank account does not create any, or very limited, additional financial value. On the other hand, holding crypto currencies, in this case BitKNOTs, creates value to the token due to scarcity on the market.


Spending and using BitKNOT tokens with the community, vendors and service providers for scouting activities create demand for BitKNOT token. Market is driven by offer and demand, simple.


Service providers, vendors or other affiliated companies or persons to the scout movement can opt to offer a cashback on payments by BitKNOTs. So, if you as a scout organization, are a returning customer to e.g. an outdoor equipment provider, you could be entitled for a specified amount of BitKNOT as a cashback.

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