What is BitKNOT project?

It is a blockchain ecosystem that unifies and harmonizes the worldwide scout organizations and embraces new digital technologies and educates about new technologies dedicated to the worldwide scout organizations and their associated persons or companies.

Why named as “BitKNOT”?

BIT stands for the IT and Web3 technology and KNOT, well, we as scouts are proud to know how to tie ’em. So, Bits and Knots tied together = BitKNOT.

Scope of BitKNOT ecosystem?

The main scope is for the scout movement, organizations and individuals to embrace and educate about new digital technologies, specifically blockchain being one of the most important lately.

Scouts BitKNOT Fund, what is it exactly?

25% of all existing BitKNOT tokens, so 200million BKNOT (coins, if you whish), are locked out from the market and dedicated to the scout organizations. Once the project matures, the funds will be released – based on community decisions. See more here.

What is BitKNOT token?

BitKNOT or BKNOT (ticker used on market), is a BEP-20 crypto token created exclusively for the scout organizations, associated companies and individuals. It has already been launched and is tradable on many crypto decentralized exchanges (DEX). It is the main token used for transactions on BitKNOT Marketplace.

Why $BKNOT and not any other token/coin?

BKNOT has 25% of coins locked and to be distributed to the scout organizations, for free. No other crypto currency is backing up the scouts like that.

BKNOT can be identified as the scouts’ crypto currency which harmonizes and unifies the worldwide scout organizations under one digital asset.

It is foreseen in the future that scout organizations will join the Metaverse, so they’ll be ready for it having their own crypto currency backing them up.

Unlike other crypto currencies out there, $BKNOT has no taxes, airdrops and other shady ways for gaining value. Real value will come when the project matures.

Is there any plan for BitKNOT token further development?

YES, it is planned for $BKNOT to be tradeable on centralized exchanges (CEX) and therefore expose the project to a great audience of investors. In addition to that, once the funds from the Scout BiKNOT Fund have been released, the ownership of the BKNOT contract token will pass to the community. Means, token holders will be the decision makers.

Purpose of the marketplace on BitKNOT?

The marketplace is the meeting point for scouts and service providers or vendors. It is a global marketplace where organizations and individuals have access to a large number of services or goods needed for scouting activities.

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